What's Vikey

I'm Vikey

Let me introduce myself: my name is Vikey and I am your personal concierge. I will take charge of your customers' check-in and check-out procedure, manage your apartment's consumption so you can save money and time.
How? With a simple and direct touch from your smartphone or laptop, with no need to move anywhere else.
You will be able to manage your Rental Business with no sacrifice and still provide your customers the best treatment.


Vikey=positive feedback

Vikey ensures a positive feedback from your customers as satisfied guests of your apartments service.
Feedback from Home Rental websites such as AirBnB and Booking are extremely influential both in the decision-making process of your customers' choice and for the overall success of your Rental Business activities.
For this reason, Vikey is the key tool to enhance your productivity and boost your web reputation.


Product features

Full business management

You can entrust Vikey with lots of specific tasks related to the apartment's money and time demand.
Not only you will keep up with the activities of the apartments, but you will manage to enhance the business' production and its progress. The comprehensive management will take place with no time and space waste and will ensure positive feedback.

  • Impeccable concierge service

    No more appointments will be settled, no alarm clock set in the middle of the night will be needed, no more misunderstanding with costumers. Basic elements will include efficiency, optimization and reliability.

    Technical assistance

    Vikey provides 24/7 assistance with a problem-solving layout that is always ready.

    Feedback & Support

    Since high positive feedback equals higher profit, customers' satisfaction is fundamental for the business output.

  • Saving & Supervision

    You can manage all of your household appliances only according to their actual need by saving time and money.

    Privacy & Security

    Vikey's innovative technological system respects privacy terms as it won't ever interfere with any sort of residents' devices/equipment.

    Always with you

    You can manage Vikey anywhere you are, both via App on your smartphone and from your laptop desktop.

Learn how it works

Check-in & Check-out

1 Minute Check.

You can leave behind the inconvenience of crossing the city back and forth, keeping up with last-minute schedule changes, flight cancellations or delays, unexpected long waits for your customers to check-in. Vikey's check-in is the innovative answer to the progress of such a system. Vikey makes the entire process smoother, which will enable customers to have easy access to the apartment, as well as ensuring guests a pleasant experience in its whole.

Check In

Step 1

As guests ring the bell, Vikey will immediately put you in contact so as to authorize customers' entrance in the building and open the front gate. Please press 5 or press “Open DoorBell” to open the gate in order to ensure high security standards.

Check In
Check In

Step 2

Guests stand in front of the apartment door.
Please press 8 or press “Open Door” in order to open the door.

Check In
Check In

Step 3

Guests enter the apartment after a 1 minute check-in only, ready to share one's positive feedback.

Check In

Vikey makes your apartments Smart


App Features

A personal assistant always ready

Vikey App for Android, iOS and for Desktop version is a sophisticated control dashboard ready from the palm of your hand.
You can open and close the door, manage the electricity consumption of household appliances.
Vikey also measures the statistics of the apartments' performance pace based on their evolution.

Your apartments

The full list of the apartments in your control
An easy and intuitive way to have everything under control

Time and number

You decide at what time to give your availability and the number you want to be contacted at,
in order to schedule your appointments in the best way.

Vikey App
Vikey App

Door Opening

The full list of the apartments in your control
An easy and intuitive way to have everything under control


You pick time and number for contact availability, in order to schedule your appointments in the best way


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3 steps installation

Efficiency is made out of 3 steps

It takes only a few steps to transform your idea of traditional Home Control output into Vikey's system revolution, which is made fast and easy thanks to our IT team.

  • 1. The Main Station

    Our technicians will install the ViMind right in the apartment. Following the accurate connection speed test, they will assemble the ViCase box onto your modem according to its size.

    1. The Main Station
  • 2. The Door Evolution

    Our technicians will take care of your door by installing either the ViLock on the internal area or the ViBox on the door side, as you prefer. There will be no interference with any kind of residents devices but the apartments' door bell.

    2. The Door Evolution
  • 3. The Activation

    Following a structured system-functioning check, Vikey is ready to be the personal assistant of your dreams. What's left to do is downloading the App or alternatively log into the system with the Desktop version for laptop. Now lay back, because Vikey will take care of the rest.

    3. The Activation

Download the App Vikey

The App is available for both IOS and Android.
You will be able to manage multiple apartments all at once and always carry your rental business with you.

Download the App

About us

Thought by the Host for Hosts themselves

We are a team of Italian experts, with a background in the skills of the rental business field, specialized in the branch of mechanical and digital engineering.
Vikey's project is the result of our team's passion and skills, which was born to help to improve one's rental business management.
The Rental Control business idea came up throughout our rooted experience in such a field.

We found unacceptable that in a world where everything can be controlled via smartphones, the annoying procedures of checking-in and checking-out still had to be processed "manually", being money and time consuming.
Along with that, we could not tolerate those negative feedback that customers would give rental business owners, due to their lack of management skills.
Based on such rationale, we added these precious home automation services in order to control management consumption. There you are! Here is Vikey!



How can I communicate with my customers through Vikey?
As your guests will ring the apartments' door bell, you will receive a phone call on your phone number. You will easily communicate with them and unlock the apartment's front gate by simply pressing 5 on your phone.
What if there is no phone signal?
Your calls can be forwarded to your personal phone number. By doing so, your calls will be transferred to a trusted number by an automatic voice mail system.
How do I access customers' personal area?
You can access your personal area through our internet webpage from laptop, tablet and smartphone or alternatively, you can download the App for IOS and Android systems
What if I let someone I trust take charge for the guests check-in without sharing my phone number?
The phone number to be contacted by Vikey can be freely edited anytime. You simply need to access your personal area on our website and select the apartment to be edited and click on the option "edit phone number".
How can I not be disturbed at specific time of the day?
Vikey gives you the chance to freely decide at what time of the day you prefer to be contacted. You simply need to access your personal area on our website and select the apartment to be edited and click on the option "edit time band".
Is it necessary to receive a phone call in order to open the apartments' door?
With Vikey, you can open your apartment anytime. You simply need to access your personal area on our website and select the apartment to be edited and click on the option "open gate".
What's the consequence of setting the apartment on the modality "always deactivated?".
Thanks to such setting, you won't receive any phone calls but you will still be able to check on your Vikey. You will manage your customized Vikey by entering your personal area on our website.
How would I know if the apartment was missing electricity or internet connection?
You will get a notification via email as an adviser for Vikey's unfunctionality. Not only you will be notified about both electricity and Internet connection resetting, but you will also receive an email about Vikey's correct functioning reset. In such way, you will be able to control the management of your check-in.
By changing the password and the wifi username, I received an email about the unavailability of Vikey's connection. What do I do?
Vikey uses your wifi connection in order to access the Internet. You need to contact us in order for our team to set up Vikey from scratch.

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