What is Vikey

Manage your vacation apartment remotely.

With Vikey, you can handle the Check-In of your AirBnB Apartment / BnB easily from your smartphone.
Furthermore, thanks to the new Self Check-In feature you can provide a virtual key to your guest, that works just in the the vacation time.
The guests can safely get into the apartment autonomously!


How it works

You can leave behind the inconvenience of crossing the city back and forth, keeping up with last-minute schedule changes, flight cancellations or delays, unexpected long waits for your customers to check-in. Vikey's Check-In is the innovative answer to the progress of such a system. Vikey makes the entire process smoother, which will enable customers to have easy access to the apartment, as well as ensuring guests a pleasant experience in its whole.


Solution N.1

Remote Check-In

Vikey's Remote Check-In is conceived to be as easy as possible.

The Guest is even unaware of the technology behind the Check-in.

The Remote Check-In is made of just 3 steps.

Check In

Solution N.2

Self Check-In

Vikey's Self Check-In is even simpler.

Vikey technology creates a temporary key that the Host shares with the Guest.

The key is totally secure and encrypted.

The Guest has the key even before the arrival.

Check In

VIKEY - All Inclusive

Starting from

19,90€ / month

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Product Features

360 degree management.

You can entrust Vikey with lots of specific tasks related to the apartment's money and time demand.
Not only you will keep up with the activities of the apartments, but you will manage to enhance the business' production and its progress.
The comprehensive management will take place with no time and space waste and will ensure positive feedback.

  • Chat Host-Guest

    Chat directly with all your guests with the same app. The Vikey app.

    Guest docs

    Your guests will send you their personal ID Docs, easily in the Vikey App. Safely.

    Access Control

    Not just the Check-In, open your apartment to your cleaning searvice or mantainance.

  • Always with you

    Manage the apartment wherever you are. With any of your mobile device or your pc.

    Privacy & Security

    Vikey is made up of non-invasive technology that doesn't requires any of condominium authorization. Ever.

    Support & Feedback

    Your guest feedback is important. Better feedbacks means more business.


No Condominium Authorization!

Vikey is a non-invasive technology, it is installed just inside the apartment.
Our installers will link Vikey with your Intercom, your Door and you Wi-Fi router. Just it.
We don't even change you old apartment keys.




"Il check-in si fa su smartphone grazie a Vikey..."
read all...


"La startup dell’hospitality chiude un round da 300K ..."
read all...


"Vikey, la soluzione per il check-in remoto..."
read all...



"I exploit Vikey on our only B&B that I manage with my husband. Finally we are enjoying the week-end!

Holiday Dreams

"The feature we mostly like is the Self Check-in. No more keys to our guests"


"We are installing Vikey in our all properties, a needed revolution"



"Is very nice of you that the fee for the late arrival has been waived. Great idea!"


"The smart system allowed me to check-in at 2am without paying any extra fee"


"I downloaded the APP. The self check-in is fantastic. Thank you!"


Download The Vikey App

The App is available for both IOS and Android.
You will be able to manage multiple apartments all at once and always carry your rental business with you.

Scarica l'App

About us

Thought by the Host for Hosts themselves

We are a team of Italian experts, with a background in the skills of the rental business field, specialized in the branch of mechanical and digital engineering.
Vikey's project is the result of our team's passion and skills, which was born to help to improve one's rental business management.
The Rental Control business idea came up throughout our rooted experience in such a field.

We found unacceptable that in a world where everything can be controlled via smartphones, the annoying procedures of checking-in and checking-out still had to be processed "manually", being money and time consuming.
Along with that, we could not tolerate those negative feedback that customers would give rental business owners, due to their lack of management skills.
Based on such rationale, we added these precious home automation services in order to control management consumption. There you are! Here is Vikey!



How can I communicate with my customers through Vikey?
As your guests will ring the apartments' door bell, you will receive a phone call on your phone number. You will easily communicate with them and unlock the apartment's front gate by simply pressing 5 on your phone.
What if there is no phone signal?
Your calls can be forwarded to your personal phone number. By doing so, your calls will be transferred to a trusted number by an automatic voice mail system.
How do I access customers' personal area?
You can access your personal area through our internet webpage from laptop, tablet and smartphone or alternatively, you can download the App for IOS and Android systems
What if I let someone I trust take charge for the guests check-in without sharing my phone number?
The phone number to be contacted by Vickey can be freely edited anytime. You simply need to access your personal area on our website and select the apartment to be edited and click on the option "edit phone number".
How can I not be disturbed at specific time of the day?
Vikey gives you the chance to freely decide at what time of the day you prefer to be contacted. You simply need to access your personal area on our website and select the apartment to be edited and click on the option "edit time band".
Is it necessary to receive a phone call in order to open the apartments' door?
With Vikey, you can open your apartment anytime. You simply need to access your personal area on our website and select the apartment to be edited and click on the option "open gate".
What's the consequence of setting the apartment on the modality "always deactivated?".
Thanks to such setting, you won't receive any phone calls but you will still be able to check on your Vikey. You will manage your customized Vikey by entering your personal area on our website.
How would I know if the apartment was missing electricity or internet connection?
You will get a notification via email as an adviser for Vikey's unfunctionality. Not only you will be notified about both electricity and Internet connection resetting, but you will also receive an email about Vikey's correct functioning reset. In such way, you will be able to control the management of your check-in.
By changing the password and the wifi username, I received an email about the unavailability of Vikey's connection. What do I do?
Vikey uses your wifi connection in order to access the Internet. You need to contact us in order for our team to set up Vikey from scratch.

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