Self check-in hotels and hostels

The Vikey self check-in, thanks to its contactless technology, allows you to lighten the reception workload, make upselling and cross-selling and save on management costs. Take your accommodation to the next level and offer guests a safe and smart stay!

Online check-in

Integration with PMS, Channel Manager and OTA.

Vikey sends the guest forms automatically to the authorities.

Receive all types of payments online, including the tourist tax.

Contactless check-in: avoid gatherings and make your guest experience much pleasant.

Smart opening

Collect all the important information you need from guests before arrival, automatically and allow them to open all the doors remotely, with their own mobile phone.

Front door of the hotel or hostel

The Vikey device is connected to the main entrance or to the intercom handset to allow the remote opening.

Door of the room

The door is opened by installing the smart lock or the electric strike on the hotel or hostel room door.

Optimize check-in

Increase your revenue by offering additional services and experiences

From the moment of booking and for the entire duration of the stay, guests can purchase and/or book additional services (for examples transfer from the airport, tours, breakfast etc.) directly from the Vikey web app. In this way, you will be able to increase revenue.

Subscription plans for hotels and hostels

Save time and money digitalizing your check-ins. 

The more subscriptions you make, the less you pay!

Vikey Digital Pack

per month per room
  • Online check-in
  • Extra services
  • Assistance

Vikey All-In-One Pack

per month per room/ facility entrance
  • Open doors remotely
  • Online check-in
  • Extra services
  • Assistance

Prices excluding VAT