airbnb noise monitor how does it work

Airbnb noise monitor: what is it and how does it work

Airbnb Noise Monitors are an excellent tool to utilize, especially as an accommodation owner, in order to provide the perfect experience to your guests, but also to the neighbors around your place. In particular, these devices can be the perfect solution for you to check out your guests, whenever they are staying in one of your properties, so that they can be kept under control and they can have a quiet experience, inside the Airbnb. 

There are many perks about this amazing device, and it doesn’t only stop at their technical features: in fact, thanks to Airbnb Noise complaints, you can have your neighbors’ consent and enjoyment, without having any complaints or nasty fights about your guests. In addition, you can also elevate the kind of service that you offer with your properties, creating a safe experience for your guests and a higher quality stay within the place, almost as a real residential house. 

Airbnb Noise Monitor: how does it work 

There are many different types of Airbnb noise Monitors, all of them with different features that you can choose from or install, according to your specific needs. However, there are some features and characteristics that are all common to these tools.  

The Airbnb Noise Monitors on the market are usually part-software, part hardware tools, that are used in order to capture noise above a certain level or any other kind of disrupting element, that might be happening inside your apartment or house. The tool is divided into two different parts: the first one is the hardware component, consisting in a small box that can be positioned in every part of the apartment, with integrated auditory systems and speakers. This tool will be able to activate whenever there will be too loud noises or any other additional annoying moments. 

The second part of the device is a software tool, that you can monitor through a website or app on your phone, where you can see and regulate all the data that the hardware tool is perceiving. On the app, you can check out many different features, of course without recording the audio and invading the privacy of the guests. Some of the features that can be controlled on the app are a crowd detector, to see if there are too many people in the apartment, a temperature and humidity controller, and most importantly, there is an audio detector for outside and inside noises, with a graph that will show you whenever the level of the noise is becoming too loud, along with the decibels. 

Vikey4 Airbnb Noise Complaint 

Along with an incredible array of products on our website, that you can implement inside your house, hotel, or Airbnb, you can also find one of our perfect Noise Complaint Detectors, the Vikey4.  

noise monitor device get rid of noise complaint

This device is a compact, convenient, and even eye-pleasing tool, that you can position inside your accommodation of choice and it can help you detect noise inside, without barging into the guests’ privacy. Thanks to Vikey4, you will be able to have a safe, secure, sustainable, and reliable tool, to upgrade your Airbnb level and make your guests and neighbors happier. 

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