What is and how does self check-in for hotels and b&b work

How self-check-in works

Web app Vikey

Web app

Vikey sends guest link to complete online check-in directly from smartphone.

Vikey Dashboard

Documents and payments

Vikey collects guest documents, calculates lodging tax and collects payments.
Self check-in

Self check-in

Vikey enables the guest to independently open the door and gate of the facility.

Self-check-in without condominium permits

All devices can be installed, even independently, within one's accommodation, without having to apply for condominium permits.

Self check-in portone principale

Building door

Make the opening of building entrances smart by connecting the Vikey4 hub to the intercom handset or to electrified locks.

Guests can open the door from the web app or you can open it remotely from the Vikey Host app.

Installation does not require condominium permits.

Self check-in porta

Apartment or room door

Choose one of our smart locks or the electric strike to automate the door opening.

Guests can open the door via web app, by entering a code on the keypad or with the RFID card.

At any time you can open the door remotely from the Vikey Host app, wherever you are.

Installation does not require condominium permits.

Build your own self check-in solution

With the Vikey Smart subscription, the Vikey4 central hub is included.

You just have to choose which opening devices to purchase.

Vikey Smart Lock 2.0

Vikey Smart Lock 2.0

  • It replaces the Euro cylinder.
  • Motorised opening and closing with mandrels.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Also compatible with armoured doors.
  • Non visible lock from the outside.
  • Easy and reversible installation.
  • Remote and offline opening.
Vikey Lock

Vikey smart lock

  • It replaces the Euro Cylinder Lock.
  • Lock mandrels.
  • Battery-powered.
  • Also compatible with armoured doors.
  • Easy and reversible installation.
  • Also opened without internet and remotely.
Hotel Lock

Vikey smart handle

  • It replaces the handle.
  • Mandrel lock.
  • Battery-powered.
  • Compatible with room doors.
  • Easy and reversible installation.
  • Remotely opened even without internet.
Electric strike

Vikey Electric strike

  • Compatible with all locks.
  • It does not replace the original key.
  • It electrifies the door.
  • Also compatible with armoured doors.
  • Not visible from outside.
  • Smart and remote opening.

Self check-in opening mode

Opening from smartphones

You can always remotely open all access, wherever you are, while guests access open keys from web app.
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Opening with intercom call

Guest intercom is transmitted directly to your phone, and you can remotely open accesses directly from the keypad during the call.
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Alternative opening

The guest always has several alternative ways of opening, such as unique numeric code, opening by sms and RFID card.
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Online check-in: discover all the benefits



Vikey is integrated with major OTAs, PMSs and CMs to automatically import reservations.
Pagamenti online

Safe online payments

Vikey collects all guest payments online and automatically credits them to your bank account.
Invio automatico schedine

Automatic file sending

Vikey requests identification documents from the guest and automatically sends them to the Lodging Portal.
Burocrazia check-in


Vikey reports guest attendance to ISTAT and allows OTP signing of the contract.

Informazioni sulla struttura

Property’s information

Vikey provides guests h24 with the necessary information for their stay.

Welcome video call

Vikey allows you to verify the identity of the guest via video call within the webapp.
Controllo accessi

Access control

Vikey allows you to always monitor guest access and share codes with your staff.
Self check-in sms

Self check-in via SMS

Vikey will send to the guest, an SMS with the key link for opening the doors remotely.

Digital concierge: increase profits

Digital concierge

Receive extra revenue from selling additional services and experiences such as guided tours, shuttle service, and breakfasts.
Vikey Services

Hotel keyless entry system

Self check-in for accommodations via keyless systems is the evolution of traditional to digital hospitality. Forget physical keys and step into the world of keyless self check-in. Remotely open the doors of your guest accommodation or let your visitors log in on their own with our keyless system, after they have identified themselves through online check-in.

Through the remote check-in for hotel and apartment buildings, guests are provided with a mobile key prior to their arrival at the accommodation for independent access, while you can focus on other things. The digital key enables the guest to open doors only for the period necessary for their stay, thus ensuring 100% secure keyless access, for you and your guests.