Self check-in for hotels, b&bs and vacation rentals

How self check-in works

Web app Vikey

Web app

After booking, guests immediately receive the link to complete the online check-in.

Vikey Dashboard

Documents and payments

Vikey automatically sends identity documents to authorities and collects payments.

Self check-in

Self check-in

From check-in until check-out, guests can open the doors from their smartphone.

Self check-in remote opening without condominium permits

Automatically collect all the important information you need from your guests before their arrival, and allow them to open all doors with their mobile phone.

Self check-in portone principale

Main door of the building

Vikey4 device is connected to electrified locks or intercom handset for opening one or more entrances.

Self check-in porta

Door of the apartment or rooms

You can open the door via Smart lock, electric strike, keybox or integration with electrified lock.

Choose self check-in solutions

Vikey4 central hub is included in Vikey Smart subscription. All that's left to do, is choosing which devices to buy for the opening.

Hotel Lock

Vikey handle

The electronic lock replaces the European cylinder lock. Opening solutions: host app, guest web app, unique code and NFC card.

Electric strike

Electric strike

It releases the latch with an electrical impulse in order to open the door. Opening solutions: app for host, web app for guest and via original key.

Vikey Lock

Vikey lock

The electronic lock replaces the European cylinder on the door. Opening solutions: host app, guest web app, unique code and NFC card. Backup key | Battery powered.

Self check-in opening mode

Open via app

Wherever you are, at any time, you can open all doors of your facility by clicking on "Open main door” and “Open door” buttons on your Host app.
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Open by call

Guests reach the building and ring the intercom. You have just to press keys 5 and 8 on your smartphone to open the doors. Guests will not need either a smartphone or an internet connection to access the accommodation facility.
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Guests open from the web app

After completing the online check-in, guests will be able to open the main entrance and the apartment or room's door via a smartphone for the entire duration of their stay.
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Online check-in: lighten the reception workload



Thanks to the integrations with Booking, Airbnb, PMS and CM, the reservations you receive are automatically imported to MyVikey dashboard. In this way, you can ask guests for all data you need before their arrival.

Pagamenti online

Secure online payments

You can collect all guests’ payments via web app including the tourist tax, which will be automatically calculated by Vikey. The amount  will be credited to your bank account.

Invio automatico schedine

Automatic data transmission

During online check-in, guests upload on Vikey web app: their documents, their identification data and a selfie. Once you confirm the identity of your guest, Vikey will automatically send his data to authorities (if required by law).

Burocrazia check-in


The guest can sign in OTP  the vacation rental agreement or other documents. You can also communicate your guests stay to authorities through the file that is automatically filled with  data collected by Vikey.

Informazioni sulla struttura

Information about the facility

On the Vikey web app,  guests can find the details of your facility, for example Wi-Fi password, booking details, directions, and a description with photos and videos of the vacation rental, b&b or hotel.


Welcome video call

 Guests can directly video call you via web app, before they enter your facility. You will be able to provide them with all the important information and further verify their identity.

Controllo accessi

Access control

From MyVikey dashboard and  Vikey Host app, you can check when your guests or your staff enter the facility. You can create sub-accounts to share the management panel and access codes with your staff.

Self check-in sms

Self check in via SMS

Thanks to this premium feature, Vikey will automatically send to your  guests, a reminder via SMS with the link to complete the online check and to remotely open the doors. 

Digital concierge: increase profits

Guests can directly purchase and/or book additional services and experiences (e.g.: guided tours, dinners, breakfast, transfers, etc.) from  Vikey web app, for the entire duration of their  stay.

You can also modify or update any information about your facility and add extra services on the web app, so that guests have all the useful information at their fingertips.