All in one solution to manage hotels, b&bs and vacation rentals in a smart and green way

All in one

The only integrated solution, hardware and software, to remotely manage every aspect of guest reception: bureaucracy, access and energy consumption.


No more worries! Keep under control the energy consumption in all your facilities with a single platform, quickly and intuitively.


In total respect of guests’ privacy, the device does not have a camera. Furthermore, the audio is not recorded but it only monitors the sound levels.


24/7 real-time monitoring of your apartment, hotel or b&b by laptop, tablet or mobile. Stay up to date with instant notifications and act promptly.


Reversible installation: Vikey4 simply connects to the electric socket to monitor noise and occupancy and it links with the intercom via Bluetooth to open the main entrance.

Main features included in the domotics Vikey4

Self check-in

For every reservation you receive, Vikey automatically generates a unique and timed access code that avoids the need of physical keys to open the doors.


Avoid issues with your neighborhood by monitoring not only the loudness, but also the duration of noise. Get notified whenever noise levels exceed your settings.


Check the arrival and departure of guests, respecting their privacy and set up communications or automatic actions to cut energy costs, such as turning off the light after check-out.

Automatic rules

Control other devices within reach of BT or Zigbee with cloud-to-cloud integration. You can set up automatic actions based on the data collected and monitor all your facilities from a single platform.

Smart sensors

It is possible to integrate Vikey4 with different external sensors to make your accommodation
even smarter.

It works with Wi-Fi | Battery-powered devices | Easy installation and quick setup | Real time notifications

Motion sensor

Detect movements with a 170° viewing angle. Make sure that lights or other devices turn on or off automatically if motion is detected.

Door and window opening detector

Detect in real time if there are doors or windows open.
Make sure that guests have closed everything before leaving the room or apartment.
That way it is not necessary to be present during check-out.

Temperature and humidity sensor

Monitor temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure in real time.
Ensure greater comfort for your guests by remotely checking the status of the room.

Flood sensor

Detect water leaks and protect your hotel, b&b and vacation rental.
Place the sensor on the floor near taps, if water reaches the device, you will be automatically notified.

Smoke detector

In the event of a fire, the detector immediately warns guests with an alarm. You will also receive a real-time notification on your smartphone.

Smart thermostatic radiator valves

You can manage, schedule and monitor your heating wherever you are and at any time.

Smart IR remote control

Smart IoT remote control, easy to install and configure. With it, you can remotely control various household appliances, such as air conditioner, TV, STB, lighting, audio, etc.

Smart plug, cable and relay

The different smart switches allow you to control, turn on and off all devices connected to the network directly from the app.