Digital concierge for information and experiences

How digital concierge and virtual reception work

Vikey makes your front desk virtual.

With web concierge, you can increase your revenue and improve your guests’ stay by offering them additional experiences and services.

Along with the door and main entrance buttons within the Vikey web app, guests can discover additional services offered by you, such as shuttle and transport, breakfast, etc., and other experiences offered by Vikey partners such as guided tours and museum tickets.

Helpful Information

Thanks to smart concierge, which is the traditional concierge service that Vikey now makes digital, guests will always have information at their fingertips: address, contact details, hours, wi-fi passwords, maps and more, for an even more enjoyable stay.

Informazioni sulla struttura

Digital content

Be ahead of FAQs by providing textual, photographic, and video content in the virtual reception area that guests can peruse prior to arrival.

Boost earnings

From your dashboard, you can add and update, at any time, online concierge content to offer your guests a 360-degree travel experience and increase revenue opportunities.

Get more positive reviews

With a digital concierge you improve your accommodation’s reputation. You provide your guests with everything they need even before they ask for it, significantly improving their travel experience.

Benefits of virtual reception

Digital reception desk that is always available and can be accessed by guests at any time from their smartphones.

Increase revenue by offering additional experiences and services that can be purchased from the time of booking and throughout the stay through the web concierge.

Save time by offering all useful information to your guests in the web app