Door lock system prices - Hotel, B&B, Apartments

Save time and money thanks to self check-in and domotics

Discover the prices for your accommodation

Choose Vikey Smart to manage self check-in and home automation and purchase opening devices and sensors separately.

Or choose Vikey Digital if you only need the software service to automate check-in procedures and sell extra services and experiences.

B&Bs and Hotels

€ 7,90

+ € 5,00 for domotics

per month per room

Prices excluding VAT

Vacation Rentals

€ 19,90

+ € 5,00 for domotics

per month per apartment

Prices excluding VAT

B&Bs, Hotels and Vacation Rentals prices

only entry software system
€ 4,90
per month per room or apartment

Prices excluding VAT

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    Vikey gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a complete hardware and software solution that definitively solves the guest’s struggles during check-in and key handover. Included in the prices of all monthly subscriptions are the Vikey software services for check-in automation and home automation, as well as the central Vikey4 device in the case of smart subscriptions.

    The Vikey4 device controls the electronic locks and home automation devices, which have to be purchased individually. Ask for the catalogue with the individual prices of electronic locks for your hotel, b&b or holiday home and home automation.