No. The Vikey devices are installed inside the accommodation (next to the intercom) or on the door (the Vikey Lock cylinder or the electric strike). Therefore, condominium permits are not necessary.

Once we have received photos of the intercom and doors or carried out the free inspection, we will install all the components within a week (except for unforeseen circumstances).

In order to operate, the service requires two components:

  • the Vikey4 device to open the main door
  • the Vikey Lock (smart cylinder), the electric strike or the key box to open the door of the apartments or rooms.

No, each customer is free to carry out the installation independently or with a trusted electrician. We will provide the installation manual and telephone support from one of our technicians in case of need.

Vikey offers you the possibility to request a free inspection or, if you want to speed up the process, you can send us photos of the intercom and door. In this way, we can advise you which option is best for you.

Vikey connects to all doors that are opened by your intercom. There are therefore no problems in case of remote opening of other doors or gates. During the free inspection, the Vikey technician will evaluate the best solution for you.

Vikey Lock is compatible with all European profile cylinder doors (armored and not).

Find out how Vikey lock works: the different ways to open it and how to install it. Click here.

You will have to send us a PEC with at least 30 days’ prior notice, uninstall the devices and send them to Vikey at Via Marsala 29H, Rome (Italy) 00185. Vikey’s PEC address is: legal@pec.vikey.in

No, it is not necessary for guests to download an app. The link that is sent by email to complete the online check-in is automatically transformed, after completing what the host requests, into a link with the door and main door opening buttons. Guests can therefore complete the online check-in and open the doors from their mobile phone, by accessing a dedicated web page.

Yes, by downloading the Vikey Host app from Google Play or the App Store you can open the doors to your guests remotely.

Guests who do not use free roaming and therefore do not have free internet in Europe, can always contact you via SMS to have the main door opened. With Vikey they also have the option of intercom so that you can open with your mobile. While for the apartment/room door they can enter the unique code (which they received via email) on the Vikey Lock cylinder to unlock it. So, guests can open even if they do not have internet.

In the “Apartment” section of the Vikey dashboard, you can enter the address of the accommodation so that guests can see it together with the opening buttons. For any additional info you can insert photos, text and videos in the MyVikey dashboard.

Vikey technology can be perfectly integrated with pre-existing smart automation locks or with already electrified doors. Just connect the Vikey devices to the latter to have the remote opening, without necessarily having to change the locks or make invasive interventions.

Vikey can lighten the work of the reception by automating the handling of paperwork and the sale of extra services through the online check-in service (Vikey Digital) and can make any hotel smart by having an opening service from the web app h24 through smart automation devices (Vikey Smart).

Vikey devices and user interfaces, such as the web app to open accesses, are very easy and intuitive, within everyone’s reach. Vikey self check-in has numerous “backup systems” that allow it to be used even by non-tech people, such as intercom calls, openings with code, smart cards and backup keys.