Online check-in for hotels, B&Bs, apartments: smart formalities for hosts and guests

As easy as an airline check-in

With online check-in, Vikey requires guests to independently upload their ID information for submission to the Lodging Portal and make any payments you request online.

Burocrazia check-in

Get rid of paperworks

Dedicate yourself 100% to your guests with Vikey’s online check-in, paperwork has never been easier or faster.

With Vikey’s online check-in, you can simplify your life as a host, saving time and money.


Integration with your PMS

Guest booking automatically syncs to your dashboard through integration with major PMSs, Channel Managers, and OTAs and Airbnb. All you have to do is wait for your guests to check-in.

Assisted check-in

Immediately after booking, the guest will receive the link,to complete the guided check-in on the Vikey web app via email or text message. The guest will be guided through the entire process, thanks to the web-app’s intuitive interface, available in eight languages, and will receive 3 reminders in case of non-completion.


Documents verification

Vikey requires the guest to upload ID information to the web app, and if requested by you, a photo of the ID and a “selfie” photo of the guest with their ID. Confirmation of the guest’s identity can also be carried out via video call within the Vikey web app.

Invio automatico schedine

Automatic lodging portal

Once you confirm the identity of the guest, Vikey will automatically create the lodging forms that it will send to the State Police Web Lodging Portal and report attendance to ISTAT thanks to the file that auto-fills with the previously collected data.

Pagamenti online

Safe online payments

You can request the guest to make all payments online, including stay tax, which is automatically calculated by Vikey, and additional services. All amounts are automatically credited to your bank account.

OTP contract

From the Vikey web app, your guests sign the contract via OTP, agreeing to your accommodation’s regulations. This way, both of you can keep a copy of the document.

Informazioni sulla struttura

Personalized communication

You can 100% customize communication with your guests, from the information requested during online check-in to sending personalized emails. In addition, you can upload property contacts, Wi-Fi password, directions, photos and videos of the accommodation to the web app.

Benefits of online check-in

Fully automate paperwotks with online check-in for hotels, b&b's and apartments. Save time and money.

Remotely manage your guests' check-ins wherever you are. All you need is to carry a smartphone with you.

Guests will have all the information they need at the click of a button, without having to download any app. Don't worry, Vikey will guide guests step by step for you.

Online check-in for hotels and lodges

Lighten the front desk workload and cut out the queue for guest registration at the front desk.

Online check-in for b&b

Make the most of your front desk. Put time and staff into making your guests' stay unique, while the paperwork of check-ins is taken care of by Vikey.
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Online check-in for apartments

You will no longer have to go on site to inform your guests about house rules or the use of appliances, they will find everything in the web-app as soon as the online check-in phase is over.