Smart Locks and Electronic Locks for b&b's, hotels, and inns

The No. 1 Smart Lock for self check-in

Eliminate key handover and manage your accommodations remotely.
With Vikey’s electronic locks, turn your smartphone into digital keys.
Are your guests running late and you don’t know when to greet them?
Don’t worry, Vikey’s smart door lock allows your guests keyless entry into their accommodations.

Smart Lock at the click of a button

Vikey Dashboard

From software to digital locks

A unique code and link are automatically created for each reservation, valid only from check-in to check-out, which will be transmitted to the smart lock to open the doors remotely or via smartphone.

remote opening from vikey app

Open your doors remotely with electronic lock

You can open, wherever you are, the main door of the building, electronic apartment handles or hotel rooms through the Host app and dashboard. You can also control access and share it with your staff.

Self check-in contact less

Guest electronic keys

After completing online check-in, guests will gain access to their accommodation through the electronic keys they receive on their smartphones. They will only be enabled to open the smart locks from check-in to check-out.

reception virtuale vikey

Smart Lock for contactless check-in

Contactless check-in, done independently, is increasingly demanded by hotel, inn, and b&b guests. The easiest way to offer contactless check-in is to choose the Vikey smart door lock.

All in one domotics

Easy DIY installation

The smart lock can be installed in minutes on the door, instead of the European cylinder, and makes the lock completely digital. No condominium permits are required because everything is installed on the apartment or hotel room door.

Vikey Security

Safety for you and your guests

With our smart lock, doors may be locked multiple times as well as access history logs of guests and staff. In addition to all the smart opening modes, you will always be able to gain access via the physical backup key, like a classic lock.

Easy domotics

Smart access from the street to the room

The Vikey4 device can make your accommodation’s internal intercom and electronic locks completely smart, enabling smartphone or remote opening of street-level doors and main entrances.

Vikey Electronic Locks

Smart lock and gsm door openers compatible with European cylinder locks and all types of doors, including armored doors and gates.

Vikey Lock

Vikey smart lock

  • It replaces the Euro Cylinder Lock.
  • Lock mandrels.
  • Battery-powered.
  • Also compatible with armoured doors.
  • Easy and reversible installation.
  • Can be opened remotely and without access to the internet.
Hotel Lock

Vikey smart handle

  • It replaces the handle.
  • Mandrel lock.
  • Battery-powered.
  • Compatible with room doors.
  • Easy and reversible installation.
  • Remotely opened even without internet.
Electric strike

Vikey Electric strike

  • Compatible with all locks.
  • It does not replace the original key.
  • It electrifies the door.
  • Also compatible with armoured doors.
  • Not visible from outside.
  • Smart and remote opening.

Ways in which guests can unlock electronic locks and electric strike:

With one click on the opening buttons on Vikey’s web app, after completing online registration, and only from check-in to check-out time.

By typing on the Vikey smart lock and Vikey smart handle electronic handle the unique numeric code, which changes with each reservation.

Using Vikey smart lock and smart handle, thanks to the magnetic card with RFID technology that you can leave for guests inside the room or apartment.

Benefits of electronic locks

No condominium permits are needed because the Vikey4 central hub, electronic handles, and electrical strike are installed inside your accommodation.

Get rid of physical keys and stop worrying about them being lost by your guests.

Codes are linked to the individual reservation and change from time to time.

Smart Locks and Electronic Digital Locks for B&Bs.

With electronic locks, you can increase bookings because guests gain independent access at all hours of the day and night.

Smart Locks and Digital Electronic Locks for Apartments and Holiday Homes

You will no longer have to travel to the site to hand over keys because guests will have them on their smartphones

Smart Locks and Digital Electronic Locks for Hotels and Inns

No more worrying about handing over keys or magnetic cards. Your guests will be enabled to open their rooms via smartphone, while you can focus on all other lodging activities and continue providing excellent customer service.
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Hotels and Resorts electronic door lock

Hotels are increasingly using electronic keys too give guests access to their rooms. Our solutions go beyond simple magnetic cards. In fact, “our electronic keys make access to any type of structure”, from small B&Bs to large hotels, even smarter.

Our technology does not require a structural intervention because if the door is already electrified we will connect it to the card system, thanks to the central Vikey4 hub that controls the electrified locks. In this way, guests will not only have the card but also be able to open doors via smartphone, while you can provide access remotely with the app.