Self Check-in
Automated check-in for your properties, from guest’s data collection to key delivery. Guests open doors with their smartphones directly via web-app.
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Save on your bills and reduce waste
Reduce energy consumption by controlling heating and the air conditioner remotely.
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Make the reception virtual
Ask guests for online check-in, control access, consumption and noise levels from your dashboard.
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Self check-in and domotics at your fingertips

The only integrated solution to remotely manage every aspect of guest reception.

Vikey self check-in

Self Check-in

Make the reception virtual and improve your guests’ stay experience with contactless check-in and room entry with a virtual key.

Vikey domotica

Consumption & comfort control

Limit waste and save on energy costs thanks to Vikey4 domotics. You’ll be able to set automatic rules to turn off the air conditioner and heater once the guests leave the facility.

Vikey Sicurezza


With our automation system you can improve the safety of hotels, b&bs or apartments. You and your guests will be notified and can take action in real time in the event of smoke, flooding or high noise levels that could bother the neighborhood.

Self check-in and domotics for time and cost savings

24/7 smart management of your hotels, b&bs and vacation rentals


It connects via Bluetooth to the intercom, inside the accommodation, to remotely open the main entrance of the building. In addition, the device detects the noise levels inside the apartment or room.

Vikey lock or electric strike

The smart lock with batteries replaces the European cylinder of the apartment or room’s door and allows opening via web app, numeric keypad and NFC card. Alternatively, the door is electrified by electric strike.

Smart sensors

The Vikey4 device can be integrated with various intelligent sensors that allow you and your staff to remotely control: movements, temperature and humidity, opening doors and windows, flooding, fires, air conditioning and heating

Host dashboard

With the MyVikey portal, accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet, you can link automatically your PMS or CM, manage the check-in bureaucracy, open doors, enable guests to self check-in, and remotely control the consumption of hotels, b&bs and vacation rentals.

Self check-in and domotics to automate your vacation rentals, b&bs and hotels

Self check-in

For every reservation you receive, Vikey automatically generates a unique and timed access code that avoids the need for physical keys to open the doors.


Avoid issues with your neighborhood by monitoring not only the loudness, but also the duration of noise. Get notified whenever noise levels exceed your settings.


Check the arrival and departure of guests, respecting their privacy, and set up communications or automatic actions to cut energy costs.

Automatic rules

Control other devices within reach of BT or Zigbee with cloud-to-cloud integration. You can set up automatic actions based on the data collected and monitor all your facilities from a single platform.

Why choose Vikey self check-in and domotics?

Optimize time and costs

With self check-in your guests can arrive at any time and open the doors by their selves. You will no longer have to give up on last minute or late check-in bookings. Improve the stay experience and reduce management time and costs by optimizing energy and staff expenses.
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Make hospitality smart and safe

All check-in phases (payments, guest recognition, contract signing and much more) take place online before guests arrival. In this way, you avoid queues and gatherings. Manage your hotel, b&b or apartment remotely!
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Increase your earnings

Guests can purchase and/or book additional services and experiences directly from the virtual catalogue on the Vikey web app. Increase your profits by Upselling and cross-selling with Vikey digital concierge.
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Personalized assistance

Our customer support team will be immediately at your disposal for the first onboarding. You can contact us at any time for assistance.
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