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Contactless check-in for Hotels, Holiday Houses and B&Bs

Automation and new technologies are proving to be indispensable allies for tourism industry because they help hosts to welcome guests safely, with maximum respect for privacy and in a completely innovative way..

Vikey, a leading company specialised in self check-in and online check-in for accommodation facilities, has taken up the numerous requests received from the hospitality business and has intervened on various fronts to further improve the services offered.

Among them, there is the Contactless Check-in or Self Check-in, which is the automatic check-in operation that allows guests to enter the room directly thanks to devices and domotic solutions provided by the structure. So let’s find out how contactless check-in works and why this service may be the biggest technological innovation in recent years for Hotels, Holiday Homes and B&Bs.

Contactless check-in: the greatest innovation in hospitality

Contactless: the word itself says it all. In the tourism hospitality industry, providing a Contactless Check-in basically means

carrying out all check-in and booking confirmation operations without the guest and owner having any contact with each other.

And this stands out as one of the most innovative trends in the hotel and non-hotel business precisely because it allows guests to book accommodation and check in remotely and physically enter the accommodation using virtual keys, simply by using their smartphone.

Recent surveys show that contactless check-in helps guests feel more comfortable staying in a hotel. Digital keys and e-payments are preferred over traditional methods. Establishments that have transitioned to the use of these new Virtual Hospitality technologies are growing dramatically, and more and more hosts are automating the check-in process every day.

With Contactless Check-in, the host can comfortably manage his property remotely by automating certain tasks, optimising time and costs of the hospitality service and avoiding wasting time in long waits for keys due to possible delays or unexpected guests. Contactless Check-in allows the guest not only to complete and manage his or her booking independently, but also to avoid having to interact directly with the accommodation staff in order to enter his or her accommodation.

In the case of late check-in, this is an enormous facilitation in the guest’s experience, who can be  welcomed at a more convenient time for both.

check in contactless process

Vikey in fact sends the guest the link to complete the online check-in before the guest’s arrival at the property, automatically collects the guest’s documents, calculates the tax and collects all payments, and finally enables the guest to autonomously open the door and gate of the property.

It is an easier, more secure and optimised all-in-one automated check-in solution. In short, Vikey app:

  • Enables digital authorisation and online payment processing through direct integration with leading OTAs, PMSs and CMs to automatically process bookings;
  • Sends guest identification documents to the Accommodation Portal;
  • Communicates guest attendance to ISTAT and allows OTP signing the booking contract;
  • Sends the guest a link to the remote door-opening buttons. It is also possible to use a security key for autonomous entry of the host or staff, in case of emergencies.
  • Through the Vikey web app, it allows the host to open the doors or the door only and exclusively for the period strictly necessary for the stay, thus guaranteeing access without physical keys in maximum security;
  • Provides 24 hours a day all the information necessary for the stay both before and after arrival at the hotel;
  • Allows upselling and cross-selling.

These Contactless Check-in features enable hosts to automate the entire check-in process and allow guests to send documents and make payments in just a few clicks before arrival.

Furthermore, with the advent of Intelligent Locks (Electronic Locks or Smart Locks) and the use of all-in-one hotel domotic solutions, it becomes even easier to offer hosts a perfect combination of hardware and automated functionalities to help them better manage their facilities in a progressive, efficient, energy-saving and secure manner.

Thus, not only automating every step of the check-in process and unlocking gates via smartphone, but also remote control and room automation of facilities of all kinds. The perfect solution to save owners time, energy and money and to help them better manage their business.

Contactless check-in: a service that makes the difference

Beyond the respect of social distancing, which has now become an element of hopefully less and less central importance, Self Check-in or Contacless Check-in is a service increasingly appreciated by guests, regardless of the recent circumstances that have forced the hotel industry to provide technological devices to reduce gatherings and unnecessary contact between hosts and guests.

The latest statistics clearly reveal that:

“73% of travellers want to use their phone for check-in and check-out”.

Source Time Magazine

Using Online Check-in, guests can send their identification documents to the facility and make the various payments in just a few clicks and, above all, safely.

Guests who, through Self Check-in, can open front doors, gates and doors to flats or rooms with a tap on their device can enjoy complete independence, as they no longer have to worry about arriving late and running the risk of finding the facility closed.

Contactless check-in therefore gives guests a special sense of trust towards their host and it becomes a feature that can make the difference when they choose accommodation among competitors.

Offering an efficient automation service provided by hotels, B&Bs, holiday houses and flats also has a positive impact on the reviews, the customers’ feedbacks and the trust of travellers, who can take advantage of a modern and innovative service that improves their holiday experience.

On the owners’ side, Contactless Check-in offers the possibility of saving a great deal of time by taking care of all the check-in formalities remotely, for example uploading identity documents to the Police Web Accommodation Portal, collecting the tax (which is calculated automatically), or the balance of the stay itself.

Allowing autonomous entry of guests into the facility without time restrictions means extended check-in time, which is very much appreciated by guests because, thanks to their digitalised access to the facility, they can disengage themselves from restrictive timetables, and is also convenient for the owners who can manage their entrances remotely.

As the queue at the reception desk is reduced and the workload of the staff in terms of daily tasks and fulfilments related to check-in is significantly optimised, the quality of the service offered is greatly improved, and customer satisfaction is greatly increased.

It is therefore a forward-looking service that can make the difference in the choice of facility and significantly raise the level of services offered to guests of your hotel, holiday house or B&B.

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