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Home Automation and Security Lock, everything you need to know

Home Automation and Security Lock 

In the hospitality industry, technology is becoming the great innovation lately, as evidenced by the strong rise of Smart Locks for B&Bs, hotels and vacation homes.

Thanks to Self Check-in or automatic check in for hotel and extra-hotel facilities, in fact, it is possible to open room doors via Domotic Lock, which is an electronic lock that can be unlocked with a few clicks from your smartphone via a link.

So let’s find out what are the advantages of the Smart Lock (also compatible for armored door) in terms of security for both owners and guests.

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Domotic Door Lock: Security and Innovation

While external entrances such as gates, doors, or bars can be opened in contactless mode, via the device connected to the internal intercom or connected to the already electrified locks, the Home Automation Lock for Self Check-in is used for internal doors, such as those in the rooms of the accommodation facility, and they are also compatible with armored doors, for example, the entrances of vacation homes and apartments.

The Smart Lock is the technology that offers guests the ability to enter and leave their room independently. In fact, the Smart Lock for Self Check-in completely replaces the handing over of keys, allowing owners to remotely manage the entire guest procedure. 

A timed digital key is generated for each reservation, meaning it is valid only from the guest’s check-in date to the check-out date. This digital key is used to open via smartphone the electronic handles of rooms and apartments and the building door.

Here you have some possible opening devices to be connected to the central hub of automatic check-in, which is necessary to allow guests remote access to accommodations:

  • The Smart Lock and Smart Handle, which are installed on the door of rooms or apartments instead of the classic European cylinder, making the lock totally digital;
  • The Electric Match, through which the door is electrified and the latch is released following an electrical impulse, enabling both smart and original key opening.

These devices are smart locks and GSM door openers compatible with standard European cylinder locks and all types of doors, including armored doors. 

The opening options of the home automation lock can be:

  • From smartphones: thanks to the Host app, the owner can always remotely unlock the various doors of the accommodations in the facility, while guests can access the opening keys from the web app;
  • From the numeric keypad located on the electronic Smart Door Lock or Smart Handle, by entering the unique numeric code received during booking;
  • By RFID Card: guests can access the accommodation using special magnetic cards equipped with RFID technology, which they need only to approach the electronic lock to unlock the opening of the accommodation door;
  • With SMS: through Self Check-in via SMS, the guest receives a text message containing the keys to open the main door and the room door, as well as a series of reminders with the various links to complete the online check-in. These alerts are sent through a single integrated all-in-one online check-in solution used by the host, who in addition to access to the facility can remotely manage the receipt of documents, collection of payments, sending public safety cards for guest registration at the Police Headquarters, calculation and payment of municipal taxes, upsells and cross-sells.

These different Smart Door Lock opening modes are designed to make sure that the electronic locks work h24 and even in case of internet failures. 

Thus, thanks to the Home Automation Lock, it is possible to turn the guests’ smartphone into an actual digital key that can open doors to rooms, apartments, B&Bs and vacation homes easily, quickly and intuitively.

Home Automation Lock: The Benefits for Host and Guest Security

There are numerous benefits of the Home Automation Lock in terms of security, innovation and optimization of the management of any accommodation facility:

  • Home automation locks offer a perfect combination of hardware technology and smart features that positively impact security and convenience. In fact, they communicate to the host when the doors have been opened, allow the digital key to be deactivated at any time or restricted to certain hours or days, and can be controlled from any location, so the owner or whoever for him or her does not have to worry about being physically present when guests arrive;
  • Smart locks, which are also compatible for armored doors, positively affect security because there is no risk of guests losing their keys. In fact, it would be more difficult to lose a smartphone than a hotel key, but in the unfortunate event that this happens, the smartphone is still protected by pin/password and the host can revoke access directly. Otherwise, if physical keys are lost, one will have to duplicate keys or in the worst case, replace the lock;
  • Home automation locks are safe for the host because they allow access to the facility only from check-in time to the host’s own decided check-out time, so unauthorized access is prevented;
  • Through domotic locks, hosts can control and track guest access via their personal dashboard and share the data with the rest of the team. In case of incidents, for example, disturbances to the condominium if the facility is in a building, hosts can know whether guests were present or not;
  • Access can be shared with authorized staff, for example, with cleaners, maintenance workers, and other employees. You can still control the access of these individuals as well, for example, to check the actual time of operation;
  • It is possible to revoke access, both to guests and staff, in case of problems (insolvencies, cancellations, etc.);
  • The host may also decide to send the link for access to the facility, only after verifying the host’s documents and identity;
  • The host also receives the physical security key of the home automation lock, which he can use in case of problems such as failures of the wi-fi network;
  • The home automation lock system offered by Vikey has obtained ISO 27001 Certification on security in information management, about the information recorded by the locks. Thus, the risk of hacking is reduced;
  • While conventional deadbolts and door locks are easily broken into, the same cannot be said for home automation locks, which remain a more secure solution especially for holiday home owners;
  • Some smart locks are installed on the inside of the door and on the in-house intercom, so it is not possible to notice at first glance that a smart lock is installed there;
  • The smart lock cannot switch off during a guest’s stay because before the batteries run out completely, the host receives a notification and therefore has plenty of time to replace the batteries;
  • Those in possession of digital keys will only have access to pre-determined areas in advance by the host, who can at any time control access and have an overview of who is in possession of the keys;
  • Unlike Self Check-in with a key safe, the smart lock opening code and unlocking link change automatically with each booking;
  • All devices related to home automation locks can be installed without the need to apply for condominium permits because they are installed directly on the doors of flats or rooms in B&Bs or hotels;
  • In addition to the smart opening systems, it is always possible to gain access to accommodation with physical keys as a backup like a normal lock;
  • By enabling guests to open doors to homes or hotel rooms even without the Internet, smart locks replace physical keys completely;
  • Self Check-in and the domotic lock reduce queues and reception workload, which thus becomes completely digital;
  • Physically accessing the accommodation through a domotic lock is a service that is particularly appreciated by guests because of the convenience, sense of independence and innovation of classic hotel check-in;
  • Guests’ increased sense of trust in the establishment, as they more and more perceive Self Check-in and domotic locks as services that can make a difference when choosing an establishment;
  • Increased autonomy and independence for guests who can manage their entrances in contactless mode without the anxiety of being locked.

Thanks to the incredible time and cost advantages offered by a domotic lock, hosts can manage the property wherever they are, offering a new, efficient service that is particularly appreciated by guests.

Furthermore, combined with the hotel’s home automation services, home automation locks avoid delays, wasted time and unnecessary waste of resources and energy for the entire team.

Offering an efficient room automation service for hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes and flats also has a positive impact on the reviews, positive feedback and customer loyalty, who can take advantage of an innovative service that benefits their holiday.

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