Remote door opening system

Opening mode for HOSTS and accommodation managers

Opening systems for building door, apartment and room door

Opening access to accommodations becomes immediate and secure with Vikey’s b&b, apartment and hotel remote door opener lock system.

There are several ways hosts can remotely allow access to condominium gates and doors with the door opening system.

Vikey Dashboard

App and dashboard

You can fully manage reservations from your smartphone or pc and open the condominium and apartment door remotely.

Opening mode for GUESTS

Opening systems for building door, apartment and room door

Guests can use the door opening system for b&b apartments and hotels through different modes:

Self check-in contact less

Web App

After booking, and completing the online check-in, the web app can be used as a key to open gates and doors by guests.

sistema apriporte vikey b&b

Numeric code

In the event of internet drops or failures, guests will be able to unlock the door by entering the code on the smart lock keypad.

sistema apriporta hotel b&b serratura


Guests can access the property using cards equipped with RFID technolog by tapping with the card the electronic lock. 

Vikey - Apertura tramite SMS

Opening via SMS

The guest receives a text message with the digital keys to open the door and gate. You can also set up a reminder sms to remind them to complete the online check-in.

Benefits of use for b&bs, vacation homes, hotels and lodges

Whether you need to run a large hotel or a small B&B, you can forget about physical keys thanks to our door-opening system; access is just a tap away.

Different opening modes are designed to ensure 24-hour functionality of electronic locks, even in the event of internet failures.

You decide the period of time when guests are enabled to use the smart door opener system of your B&B, apartment or hotel door lock.