Electronic lock and magnetic card

Magnetic card door locks, everything you need to know

As tourism and accommodation industry evolves toward digitization, we are finding more and more solutions that can help us fulfill all processes related to welcoming guests automatically, offering comfort and autonomy to travelers. Guests’ needs and demands are changing fast as the industry evolves. Innovative trends offered by the market are taking center stage in terms of convenience, reputation, brand loyalty and guest experience.

One of the most popular systems in hotels is the installation of electronic locks, opened by a proximity card or magnetic card.

The digital card lock generally works with a wireless communication system that recognizes the code of the card associated with a room and a specific reservation and allows the door to open when the guest brings the card closer to the lock, without the need to insert or use any key. The card replaces the traditional physical key. The electric lock has a built-in card reader and, when it recognizes the code associated with the card, opens the door to the apartment or room.

This opening system is generally quite reliable and is the most common one we find in hotels. Installation is also simple and the power supply is electrical.

Despite of these advantages, it’s necessary to take into account some drawbacks that may arise, and therefore evaluate every available option to automate the opening of the doors of the accommodation more clearly and in a more realistic way. For example, in the case of a power breakdown, this inconvenience would prevent the guest from accessing the accommodation or rooms. The cards will always be tied to the reservation and the room, and are generally activated when the guest arrives at the lodging facility. This means that there must always be someone waiting at the front desk to check in and hand over the magnetic card.

Another disadvantage of this system is that guests frequently lose their magnetic cards, thus increasing the non-security or even the eventual cost of the lock. Keep in mind that if you use electronic locks with cards, you will always have to have new cards available to replace the lost ones (as with traditional keys) and, in any case, staff available to check in personally and activate the magnetic cards.

Other options that can bring significant benefits to your accommodation

The good news is that we live in a world in which we find solutions for almost everything, and these solutions can be very beneficial both for the management of your accommodation and for your future guests.

Vikey offers you better and much more convenient solutions, such as automatic locks that work with both an access code but can also be opened by phone. Guests will have the digital key available on the Vikey web app (that is, they get the link to the web page with the opening keys, which they receive after booking) while hosts will also unlock the doors remotely via app. Customers will always have the digital key available on their smartphones, eliminating any risk of loss or duplication.

The smart locks that Vikey offers you have both software and hardware, allowing complete automation from the lock you install on the door, to the web app available for your guests and your control panel to manage reservations. In addition you will also have the central device (Vikey4) that allows you to fully centralize and automate the opening of your accommodation’s main door or any gates. The device connects to the intercom and allows both the guest and host to enable the main entrance opening via app.

The guest can open the gate via smartphone while the apartment or room door can be opened using their phone, a one-time access code tied solely to their reservation, or a magnetic card with RFID technology. The host or accommodation owner can also remotely open the building door and all doors from the dashboard, the host app, or via phone call.

On top of that, the host can create custom access codes for housekeeping staff, always being in control of who enters and leaves the accommodation and the times of each move. Vikey offers you two types of automatic locks to open rooms: Vikey Handle and Vikey Smart Lock.

Both options replace the European door cylinder, they are easy to install and unlock with passcode and virtual key, cutting out the need for physical keys or proximity cards. Your customers will always be able to access their room using their cell phones, with no risk of loss and no additional cost to generate new copies.

Vikey’s solutions operate on battery power, so in the event of an unexpected incident such as a power breakdown, your clients can still access the accommodation, avoiding uncomfortable and unpleasant situations such as having to wait outside the room or on the street until the problem is resolved.

How to improve your customers’ experience and receive good reviews

Vikey’s system is a complete solution.

Clients will have total autonomy at check-in and during their stay, avoiding restrictive arrival or reception times. This allows you to save on operating costs, as you will not need staff dedicated exclusively to reception duties. Moreover, you can offer flexible 24/7 check-in by being able to accept last-minute reservations, greatly increasing the profitability of your accommodation.

Vikey’s solutions are fully blended with your PMS and with major portals, such as Booking and Airbnb, which in turn reward you if you offer a self-check-in service, which is increasingly popular and required by travelers. The steps the customer must follow to check in early and receive the opening authorization via phone are very simple:

  • The guest makes the reservation through one of the channels such as Booking, Airbnb or your website.
  • The reservation arrives and Vikey associates it with an access code and a link to access the web app, valid only from the date of entry to the date of departure.
  • Vikey automatically sends the gueststs, befofore they arrive, the link to check in online.
  • The guest completes check-in in a few steps and immediately receives instructions to enter the accommodation.
  • Your guests will always have a virtual key to open the door and gate by accessing the web app from their cell phones.
vickey lock with magnetic card

Other benefits Vikey automation offers you

Vikey’s system also connects with Authorities in your city, automating the submission of guest reports. Once the online check-in is completed, on the date of entry, Vikey will transmit the details of people who have arrived at the facility to the Authorities, ensuring compliance with your municipality’s regulations.

From the web-app for hosts, you can enable digital signatures so that your guests sign the tourist rental contract online while they check in early. And with the integrated collection gateway you can also automatically manage the collection of both the reservation and the tourist tax.

Enhance your guests’ stay with home automation for hotels

If you want your guests’ stay experience to be unique and totally personalized, you can implement our home automation solutions, generating a cozy and exclusive atmosphere in every room. Schedule heating and air conditioning, ensuring that your guests always enjoy an ideal temperature, or set automatic rules so that lights and all devices (such as heating or air conditioning) turn on and off when no one is in the room.

Vikey reduces your lodging’s energy costs by offering solutions that respect the environment and your guests. Stand out from the competitors by creating an intuitive and pleasant experience for your guests from the moment they choose your lodging to spend a few days relaxing.

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