Benefits of Self Check-in

10 Benefits of Self Check-in for Hosts and Guests

Self Check-in for Hotels, B&Bs and Holiday Homes: 10 benefits you can take advantage of now to save time and keep your guests happy

The Self Check-in or automatic check in is a service that is rapidly spreading throughout the Tourism and Hotellerie sector.

This new method of Virtual Hospitality involves all those technologies that allow the guest to autonomously enter an apartment or room without the landlord, the owner or an employee of the establishment having to intervene in person on site.

The statistics speak for themselves: this is a revolutionary step because it allows hosts to optimize time, costs and work management in favour of an innovative service that is undoubtedly appreciated by guests.

From a simple alternative to welcoming guests in person, Self Check-in has in fact become a service which is not only convenient for those who cannot be physically present at the arrival of guests, but also necessary for all those travellers who arrive at the location after check-in time.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Self Check-in for Hotels, B&Bs and Holiday Homes, and how accommodation facilities can take advantage of this powerful tool.

1. Lighten the reception desk workload

Self Check-in streamlines the bureaucratic processes in so far as that it allows guests and hosts to send all the necessary documents for their stay, such as the rental contract or various identification documents. 

2. Automation

Thanks to the automation, the guest can upload their photo and all the necessary identification data to the Self Check-in web app.

The forms will always be sent automatically to the Web Accommodation Portal.

3. Secure online payments

Through the Self Check-in web app, the host can securely collect the guest’s payments prior to arrival, including the city tax, which is calculated automatically.

4. Improved guest/facility interaction

On the Self Check-in app the guest can find all the useful information about the property, such as contact details, descriptions, booking details, Wi-Fi password or directions.

In addition, the guest can also make video calls to the property via the web app – an approach that is certainly pleasant, useful and convenient for both parties.

5. More independence for guests

The possibility to remotely open street doors, gates, and doors of apartments and rooms and in general the “contactless” entrances are highly appreciated compared to the traditional ways.

Being able to enter the house even if you are running late is greatly appreciated because then the guest can leave in complete relaxation, without the stress and anxiety of finding yourself locked out.

The sense of autonomy and independence that Self Check-in provides generates a very high level of reliability in guests and this can make all the difference when choosing a facility.

6. Save time, gain bookings

The fact that hosts can automatically receive everything they need before the start of their stay and that guests can manage their arrival themselves translates into significant time savings for both. 

For hoteliers, it also means opening themselves up to an increase in bookings, as they won’t have to give up last minute and late check-outs just because they can’t be there to drop off keys.

7. Reduce lines at reception

Self Check-in helps accommodations reduce lines and long waits at the front desk.

In this way, guests will notice and appreciate the ability to speed up booking, payments and luggage storage, rewarding this added bonus with trust and word of mouth.

8. Extended check-in times

Thanks to the digitization of the processes offered by Self Check-in, guests can check in even later, extending the classic entrance time slots.

Self check-in allows guests to break free from restrictive timetables and access their accommodation at other times.

This is especially convenient for guests who arrive tired after a long trip and are eager to unpack and get some rest as soon as possible.

9. Service customization

By integrating with the PMS, Self Check-in applications allow hosts to collect useful information about their guests. With this data, they can offer their guests a more personalized experience.

In addition, from the moment of booking and for the duration of the stay, guests can purchase or book additional services and experiences directly from the virtual catalog on the Self Check-in web app. A unique opportunity to propose any extras in an innovative way.

10. Greater visibility on OTAs

The AirBnb portal has made available to travelers the possibility of checking Self Check-in among the search filters for accommodation.

Recent statistics show that this is one of the most widely used filters when searching for accommodation, so it would be a shame for hosts to give up on these bookings.

With Self Check-in can you finally forget about your guests?

If you think that with the Self Check-in you can receive money automatically and completely disregard your guests, you are wrong.

Saving time does not mean you can be inhospitable, because a good host should always take care and pamper their guests. While it’s a given that guests want the option of Self-Check-in, it’s equally true that they would never pass up the opportunity for human contact with the facility. 

Hosting virtually and hosting responsibly is the new paradigm of Tourism and Hospitality, so embrace technology and you will create an impeccable welcome.

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